Core Values

The core values of our Company may or may not be written rules but applied to monitor the specific behaviours and/or practices of workers, the management staff, the company in general, or in order to harmonize with the country’s rules, regulations or any legal procedures. The prominent core values of our company are the following:

1. Accountability
“We are liable to all our actions!”

We as a Company are responsible for the leather products in subject to quality and in delivery time. Furthermore, we are also responsible and liable in cause danger to the environment during our production processes. When we are taking care of our clients by even exceeding their expectation, we do not forget the environment; however, we follow a production process that has a minimal possibility of risk for the environment.

Within the Company, there is also an Integrated Management System, which could make every employee and the management staff responsible/accountable for any task or duty assigned to work on.

2. Team Spirit
“All is one!”

The workers within the Company have been working together for the better output expected from them. And therefore concepts like shared aim, teamwork, collaboration, joint effort, solidarity, integrity and good-will are the key values of our Company.

3. Customer Care
“Of course, customer is king!”

Our fate of continued existence within this business sector is put under our customers interests. A long and extended relationships and maintaining the consistent connections with them are a very significant factors for our business sustainability and competitiveness level. With the intention of keep our relationship with the customers we had, we have adopted different values so as to expand and maintain the business.

Among these values loyalty, trustfulness, respect and working on a mutually benefited matters are some of them to be adopted for caring our customers. Additionally, quality, time of delivery and meeting their expectations in any standards for the products are part of the trends to handle our customers in a better means.

4. High Ethical Standards
“Flexibility matters!”

Compliance and obedience with the laws, regulations, standards and legal procedures of the country is also an evitable factor so as to be harmonized with the ethical standards of the country and maintain a peaceful and steady investment in the area.

5. Dedication to Quality
“Quality has its thing!”

The issue of quality is not an accident come about at final stage of the production process. Rather, we believe that, it is a process which must starts to operate from the better cattle handling at the supplier side. Therefore, the raw hides and skins should be kept in a appropriate and safe manner. Apart from the availability of plenty of raw hides and skins, especially very convenient for the production of finished leather glove products, we had also a best method of handling the raw materials in a safe and secured underground cooler storage space.

In this fashion, our concentration for the production of quality leather products has been started from using and handling best raw materials up to following different quality control mechanisms during to the production process. And we believe that quality means achieving absolute customers’ satisfaction by offering a product that meets and go beyond their expectations in different parameters of quality.

Vision and Mission

To develop its own quality leather brand and become a competent leather industry which is preferred by the consumers in the global leather market.

  • To develop and/or manufacture the finest leather products which could meet the customer’s expectations in quality, delivery time, and other key standards.
  • To be a competitive company and to maximize its share in the market all the way through adopting new technology, process innovations, and world-class business strategies.
  • To develop and engage on ensuring a healthy and friendly relationship with the environment and community.

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