Production Division

A.    Beam House and Tanning Section
This operation process has been completed by machines in which the fresh and limited hides pass between several rollers where the meat and fat residues are removed.
In this process phase, hides and skins are cleaned by water containing agents and bactericides.
The purpose of this process is to dissolve the epidemics, separating the hair from the skin and extracting the natural fat, as well as the non-structural proteins.
In this phase, all lime from the hide is eliminated
In order to make a wet blue hide is ready to be splitted and shaved the tanning agent is added to the leather in a determined way to homogeneously affix into the fibers.
B.    Retanning and Drying Section
In this process the shaved and trimmed leathers are loaded into drums and subsequently and sometimes simultaneously put through the processes of retanning, dying and fat liquoring. These processes   will define the characteristics of the products: re-tanning will settle the “roundness” and touch of the product, dying will determine the colour, and fat-liquoring will set the softness.
After retanning, there are different ways in which the leather can be dried: vacuum drying, air drying and hot air circulation drying.
This phase occurs in which machines cause a relative sliding of leather fibres through a combination of folds, bumps and stretches. After this process, the leather is in the crust stage.
C.    Finishing Section
In the finishing section, chemicals are applied to the crust modify colours, shines, textures, effects, resistance to a harmful factors (water, heat, light etc) and to correct hide defects.
D.    Measuring and Packaging Section
After the finishing part of the leather processing section is completed, the measuring and packaging of products proceeds. In this section each product is measured electronically for precision and the result is printed on the inside part of it. After the measurement is finished, the packaging process is takes place to pack the leather product with proper and time-proven packing materials for the safeguard of the quality leather products produced.

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