All over the world our first-class quality leather products are trusted and have a high regard for their robustness, durability, fine grained texture, softness, comfort ability, embossing, and water resistibility for example, are created - explicitly tailored to dressing and sport gloves, garments and upper shoe purposes.

To reach to this point, even though, our Company was initially established to produce crust and semi-processed leather products, but currently it has been determined to upgrade its leather productions to a higher value-added products which fetch comparatively higher prices. To this end, by applying state-of-the-art production facilities and constant quality control mechanisms which guarantee the consistently high production level that our customers expect from us, we are now processing high quality finished leather products for the leather market. Therefore, taking into consideration the different types of leather products produced under a specific order which comes directly from our clients, our highly preferable leather products are the following:

1.    Dressing and Sport Wear Gloves
From the entire leather products processed under our Company, the production of gloves constitutes a higher production portion. The reason behind is the availability/supply of quality raw hides and skins especially extremely convenient and preferable for the production of gloves.
In this regard, our both dressing and sport gloves have been becoming the most preferable and admirable leather products for the customers in Europe and other foreign countries whether in quality or timely delivery. The other competitiveness factor is the lower price we set for our quality glove products with regard to competitors in the international leather markets arena.

2.    Garments Leather
A quality and a variety of garments in colour, texture, design and specifications have been produced by our Company in the way of satisfying our clients’ expectations and needs. As of glove leather product, our garment leather product line is the one which is also much preferred by most European fashion and cloth designers due to its matured structure and the nature of softness it possesses.

3.    Shoe Upper & Other Leather Products
Under the specifications and orders of other shoe factories within and outside the country, our Company has becoming the most prominent supplier of upper shoe and other finished leather products with a great quality and standard.
The quality and production capacity with a timely delivery and a precisely measured finished leather products make us, a competitive tanning company in domestic and international the leather products market.

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